Chinese enterprises confident in Pakistan’s digitization

(Staff Report):-

In their latest Sustainability Report for 2022, titled “Building Pakistan – Building a Better Future,” Wang Hua, CEO and Chairman of Zong 4G, stated that they believe Pakistan’s digitization will continue to progress and accelerate in the coming decade. Zong 4G is committed to contributing to digital Pakistan through innovative solutions and converged technologies.

According to the Overseas Investors Chamber of Commerce & Industry (OICCI), digitization in Pakistan could add $60 billion to the economy by 2030 if the government creates a favourable investment climate for local and foreign investors to fill in the large gaps in digital infrastructure and connectivity.

Digital innovation is critical for Pakistan as it can help overcome distance and connectivity barriers. Pakistan has been investing in the development of a digital economy in recent years, collaborating with Chinese companies on projects such as safe cities, smart classrooms, and the China-Pakistan fiber-optic cable.

Chinese enterprises have increased their investment in Pakistan’s financial sector and introduced apps such as easypaisa and jazzcash, which have changed people’s business behavior and lifestyle. Zong 4G, in particular, has prioritized sustainability since its inception in 2008, investing in school initiatives, various digital services, and environmental preservation, impacting 2.5 million individuals directly through 15 campaigns across 17 cities in Pakistan in 2022.