Chinese NEV pioneer pursuing the future travel trend

The future travel is in the exploratory stage. In megacities with extremely high population density, traffic jam often cause trouble. At such time, if efficient location movement is required, such as transporting patients to hospitals for rescue, it has brought development space to short-distance aircraft. Such vision was also demonstrated to visitors at home and abroad by Chinese NEV pioneer XPeng at at ongoing China International Supply Chain Expo (CISCE).

XPENG AEROHT, an affiliate of XPeng Inc., is the largest flying car company in Asia. Integrating intelligent vehicles and modern aviation, it is dedicated to producing the safest intelligent electric flying car for individual users. In the future, it will provide products and solutions in the field of 3D transportation.

X2, as a two-person intelligent electric vertical take-off and landing flying car, has an enclosed cockpit and a waterdrop-shaped appearance. It owns a sci-fi appearance while taking into account high-efficiency aerodynamics. Besides, it has many advanced technologies such as autonomous driving, radar ranging, and obstacle avoidance to provide comprehensive safety guarantees. Its designed maximum speed is 130 kilometers per hour and the battery life is 25 minutes. Up to now, this flying car has made its overseas debut at eCar Expo in Sweden, and exhibited at Norway and UAE.