Chinese Univ. promotes TCM, acupuncture in Pakistan

Gansu University of Chinese Medicine (GUCM) has recently signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with two Pakistani institutes to introduce a certificate course in acupuncture. The aim of this initiative is to promote Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) practices in Pakistan.

In collaboration with Pakistan’s Health Services Academy (HSA) and Chinese Acupuncture Center (CAC) in Islamabad, the three parties will work together to promote short-term training in acupuncture and TCM. In the future, degree courses promoting the practice of TCM will be established in Pakistan.

“TCM aims to restore the balance and harmony of the body. As a degree-granting institution recognized by the Higher Education Commission of Pakistan, HSA is eager to establish a comprehensive partnership with our two counterparts in the areas of teacher and student exchange and collaborative research. This will pave the way for practical cooperation on TCM,” stated Dr. Shahzad Ali Khan, Vice Chancellor of HSA, during the online ceremony.

This is the first official TCM education training course being held in Pakistan. The aim is to accumulate experience in TCM degree education, foster cooperation in running schools, and promote TCM practice in Pakistan in the future. Furthermore, the course will assist local medical workers and acupuncture enthusiasts in mastering additional treatment methods. This will serve as a positive step towards effectively promoting the development of TCM in Pakistan, according to the participant.

GUCM President Zhao Jirong gave a comprehensive introduction about TCM and said that with the deepening of health cooperation under the Belt and Road Initiative, TCM had been increasingly integrated into mainstream international medicine.

“China and Pakistan enjoy a long history of friendly exchanges. The trilateral cooperation will promote traditional Chinese method of treatment, establish lawful TCM practices and help TCM take root in Pakistan,” added Zhao.

According to Dr. La Jielian, Chief Executive Officer of CAC, the Acupuncture Center was founded in the 1990s. it has long been providing medical services to Chinese expatriates, employees of Chinese enterprises and local people in Pakistan. “Through vocal exchange, the center has attracted a significant number of Pakistani patients,” La said.

La believes that China-Pakistan cooperation in launching such training course is a beneficial attempt to promote TCM therapy in Pakistan. It will be of great significance to improve local people’s understanding of TCM and further promote TCM practices in Pakistan.