CSC Peshawar unveils free Chinese language course for school-going students

The China Study Centre (CSC) at the University of Peshawar (UoP) has announced a free-of-cost Chinese language course tailored specifically for school-going children. Recognizing the advantage of acquiring language skills at a young age, this program aims to provide an accessible and comprehensive opportunity for students to learn the Chinese language.

School-going children, ranging from 6th to 10th grade, now have the opportunity to learn the Chinese language, specifically the one-month-long HSK1. The Chinese language course, designed with the needs and learning preferences of young learners in mind, will be accessible to students who wish to embark on this linguistic journey. “The course is free of charge for school-going children,” said Farooq Jamal, an official from CSC University of Peshawar, while talking to Gwadar Pro. He further added that the course is scheduled to commence in November.

CSC at UoP has also announced new admissions for its Chinese language courses, including HSK1, HSK2, and HSK3. These courses are specifically designed for students who aspire to pursue admission in China for programs such as MBBS, Engineering, etc., serving as preparatory courses to equip them with the necessary language skills and knowledge. “There is a special offer available for UoP students and employees. If they choose to take advantage of this opportunity, they will only need to pay Rs 1,000 instead of the regular fee of Rs 6,000 for the course,” the official stated.