Dasu HPP will facilitate training for 35 Lady Health Visitors from Upper Kohistan

To address parental care and maternal-child health concerns, the Dasu Hydropower Project (DHPP) has partnered with the Provincial Health Services Academy (PHSA) in KP, signing an MoU to provide specialized training to 35 local Lady Health Visitors (LHVs) from Upper Kohistan.

Director General of PHSA, Dr. Sahib Gul, signed the MoU with the Team Leader of DHPP for LHV Training at Public Health School Abbottabad,” DHPP stated on Friday evening.

The primary goal is to equip these LHVs with the necessary knowledge and skills essential for effectively addressing and managing critical issues surrounding parental care and maternal-child health within the region.

Candidates selected from Kohistan will undergo a comprehensive two-year training program at the Public Health School in Abbottabad, aimed at acquiring advanced knowledge and skills about parental care and maternal-child health. According to DHPP’s statement, “WAPDA will cover all costs, amounting to Rs. 65 million, for the training, boarding, and lodging of the candidates, along with their ‘Mehrams’ from their families.”

Upon completion of the training program, the LHVs will be deployed in the affected areas of Dasu HPP to serve the communities of Upper Kohistan in the health sector.

Under Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), DHPP is actively supporting the local community in various aspects of life. To date, DHPP has generated employment opportunities for more than 3,700 individuals, including 2,664 locals. During the peak construction phase, job numbers are expected to further rise, with the majority of positions being filled by individuals from the local communities, as stated by WAPDA.

The China Gezhouba Group Company (CGGC) has been the Main Works Contractor for DHPP since 2017, overseeing one of the top green and low-cost energy projects in the country. China’s CGICOP, China Civil Engineering Construction Corporation (CCECC), Power Construction Corporation of China Ltd. (PCCC), and Zhongmei Engineering Group Ltd. are also involved in the construction of DHPP. The deadline for power generation for the project is set for 2026.