Fish & Fishing Industry: 11 containers of building material coming to Gwadar today from China

(By Yasir Habib Khan):-

To launch the first Fish & Fishing related industry in Gwadar Free Zone (South), the first consignment of Haixintian, consisting of 11 containers of construction material will arrive at Gwadar Port today from China.

Haixintian Pelagic Fishery Overseas Base Company (Private) Limited, one of the investors of Gwadar Free Zone, has acquired an area of 5,911 square meters to construct a Fish and Fishing industry. A workshop will be established on an area of 2,000 sq.m.

The company has a wide scope of business in boat maintenance and repair, materials & equipment & spare parts & basic life supply for fishing boats, fishing and port-related management, warehousing, logistics, cold storage warehousing, seafood cold-chain processing, fishing seamen & crew training, aquaculture farming, shrimp farming, and fish farming.

It will be the first fishing and fish-related industry in the free zone. It has already completed all legal and documentation procedures to operate in Pakistan. Since the industry relates with the expertise of the local workforce, it has the potential to benefit the local community in both job and business opportunities.

A few days back, construction materials for the steel structure of Hangeng Agricultural Park at Gwadar Free Zone reached the Gwadar Port. It was the first batch of 31 containers of materials aimed for the construction of the factory likely to commence commercial operations in March. Hangeng Agricultural Group specialises in planting aloe vera, processing and export of agriculture products as well as animal husbandry.