Govt launches two security projects in Gwadar.

Staff Report

The government has launched two mega security projects in Gwadar to envelope Gwadar port and its vicinity with modern security systems and cutting-edge safety mechanisms to help provide a deep sense of satisfaction for officials of Gwadar Port Authority (GPA), investors, traders and local people.

Among two security projects, one has been initiated by the Gwadar Port Authority (GPA) and the second has been rolled out by the Balochistan government in collaboration with the Ministry of Planning and Development.

GPA project director Mr Muneer said that after marathon brainstorming sessions, the security project has been finalised keeping in view the internal and external security needs of all offices falling under the domain of GPA.

Under the blueprints, from 90 to 100 CCTV cameras will be installed on all entry and exit points of GPA offices, he added. “We have also invited  professional firms to participate in the bidding process that is going to be finalised on December 20,” he added. After assessing their technical, financial and administrative strengths and capabilities, GPA will award contracts accordingly, he asserted.

In the synergic cooperation with the Ministry of Planning Development & Special Initiative, the Balochistan government has also unveiled another “security project” named “Gwadar Safe City Project”.

An official of the Ministry of Planning Development & Special Initiative told Gwadar Pro that PC-1 of the Gwadar Safe City Project is being revised in order to make it more competitive and synergic as per pressing demands. The project is planned to be completed next year, he added.

Under the project, as many as 675 CCTV cameras will be installed in various parts of Gwadar to secure the area, he added. The official said that during the meeting, the chief secretary Balochistan briefed the planning minister Ahsan Iqbal on the status of the project and informed the minister that the equipment was already procured for the project.

In this regard, a Memorandum of Understanding has been signed in January 2022 between Chief Operating Officer Punjab Safe Cities Authority (PSCA) Muhammad Kamran Khan and Project Director Gwadar Safe City Shehzad Asif. According to the agreement, PSCA technical team will visit the Gwadar Safe City project to assist in the installation of Safe Cities Cameras, Networking and Communication and setting up of Command Center. PSCA will also provide guidance on technical requirements for all-important posts in the Gwadar Safe City project.

“They (Chinese workers at Gwadar) deserve a normal life free from all sorts of threats. After rigorous work, they need to go for an outing and cherish marvellous walk at the boisterous beaches of Gwadar. They must have an environment in which they dine outside enjoying and feasting their eyes on traditional Gwadar cuisines. They seek leisure time besides shopping sprees with their families,” he added.

Jahangir Sabir, a local travel agent at Gwadar said that both security projects are the need of the hour keeping in view Gwadar’s economic output which is expected to exceed $ 30 billion. “The projects are an insurance policy of upcoming development, tourism industry, hotel industry, recreational sites and big shopping plazas,” he added.