Gwadar 2023 Off-Road Rally: Excitement Awaits Racers

Gwadar Development Authority (GDA) on Thursday officially unveiled the itinerary for the upcoming 5th “Off-Road Jeep Rally,” scheduled to thrill enthusiasts from October 17 to October 22.

“Rev up your engines and get ready for the most thrilling adventure of the year!” wrote Director General GDA Mujeeb Ur Rehman Qambarani on his official X (formerly Twitter) account, adding “Experience the adrenaline rush as you conquer challenging terrains, explore the stunning landscapes, and compete with fellow daredevils”.

As per Mr. Qambarani, this “off-road extravaganza” promises to be an unforgettable journey for all tourists involved.

The Gwadar Off-Road Rally 2023 is presented by Raees Associates and Enterprises. The event has been sponsored by GDA while the rally enjoys the support of the Government of Pakistan and the Pakistan Army. Last year, the rally could not take place due to flooding in the region.

Talha Iqbal Raees, the Chief Executive Officer of the Gwadar Off-Road Rally, shared in an interview with Gwadar Pro, “This is a mega event for the region, and we anticipate racers and tourists joining us from all corners of Pakistan.” He also mentioned that in addition to Pakistani racers, they have high hopes for international participants, including those from Iran.

According to Mr. Raees, both off-road bike and off-road jeep rallies are scheduled to take place during the announced period. Prominent Pakistani racers, including Nadir Magsi and Sahibzada Sultan, are among the anticipated participants. Additionally, approximately 20 local racers from Gwadar are set to join the event. Mr. Raees emphasized, “We encourage everyone to come, participate, and truly appreciate the excitement of the rally.”

The Gwadar Off-Road Rally spans a thrilling three-day event, featuring two main categories for cars: the “Prepared” and “Stock” categories, each further divided into four sub-categories, denoted as A, B, C, and D. Here are the specifications for each category: A Category: (Petrol) 3401cc and above (Open Class) & (Diesel) 3501cc and above (Open Class). B Category: (Petrol) 2701cc to 3400cc & (Diesel) 2701cc to 3500cc. C Category: (Petrol) 1801cc to 2700cc & (Diesel) 1801cc to 2700cc. D Category: (Petrol) 1cc to 1800cc & (Diesel) 1cc to 1800cc. These categories provide a diverse range of options for participants to showcase their off-road driving skills and compete in the rally.