More exports from Pakistan boosts confidence of Chinese enterprises

Pakistani Ambassador to China announces platform to connect Sichuan and Punjab for business collaboration. He invited entrepreneurs from 50 enterprises in Sichuan and Chongqing area to join this initiative at the China-Pakistan Economic and Cultural Exchange Incubation Center in Chengdu.

Commercial Counsellor, Ghulam Qadir, also attended the meeting and introduced some new progress and potentials of Pak-China cooperation.

“Agriculture is a key area. We are very strong in this sector. I would like to share with you that protocol for exporting Pakistan’s dairy products is very near completion. It will open a market of USD10 billion. Another related sector is meat, we are all set to export Pakistani beef for the first time to China in less than a month. Our protocol on red pepper and other products will also be approved. For example, the first batch of cherry buyers from 18 Chinese enterprises has arrived in Pakistan.”

Ghulam Qadir told us that China has 30 million Muslims with great demand for halal food, and its beef price is almost 3 times compared to the price of beef in Pakistan. After his speech, some entrepreneurs required the contacts of Pakistani beef exporters. Li Hongwu, chairman of Pakistan Sichuan Chamber of Commerce said that they have been trying to bring Pakistani beef to Chengdu for more than four years. “It’s great to know that the channel has been finally opened. I think the future commercial cooperation between Sichuan and Pakistan will be more and more smooth.”

“We are going to hold an international food and agriculture expo in August in Karachi. We hope to take more than 50 companies from Chengdu to Participate,” said Ghulam Qadir.

Apart from agriculture, Pakistan is also interested in cooperation in new technologies. Ghulam Qadir showed his interests during his talk with a drone company. “Drone is a new industry. Pakistan has a lot of related cooperation with China already, especially in the defense sector. We will like more cooperation for civil use. I know China is now a leading country in making drones. We especially need drones for the agriculture sector and in disaster management.”

“Pakistan will be the next hub of Chinese manufacturing. We have great land and population, and Sichuan and Chongqing area has advanced technologies, we welcome you all to come to Pakistan for investment and relocation.” He said.