Pak-China to sign export and technical collaboration agreement on hybrid chilli

Pakistan and China will soon sign a deal to have technical collaboration on hybrid chilli and subsequent export of chilli to China under the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC).

Talking to Gwadar Pro, Chairman of Pakistan Hitech Hybrid Seed Association (PHHSA) Shahzad Ali Malik said, “besides ongoing hybrid rice collaboration between Pakistan’s Guard Agri and China’s Longping, another agreement is going to be signed for the cultivation of hybrid chilli and subsequent export of chilli to China.”

He said the signing ceremony will be held during the 1st International Food and Agriculture Exhibition on 10th – 12th August 2023 at Karachi Expo Centre, where Guard is exhibiting along with Longping and Litong Food.

“Hybrid chilli seed will be provided by Peppara Seeds along with technical support for commercial cultivation and buyback of dried chilli for export to China will be through Litong Food,” he added.

Pakistan-China collaboration in the agricultural sector, particularly in the development of new varieties of hybrid seeds in the private sector has significant benefits for both countries.

Chairman PHHSA who is also visiting China said that such projects can lead to the creation of tailored hybrid seed varieties that cater to the specific needs of Pakistani farmers and align with the country’s agricultural practices and climate.

He emphasized that fruitful meetings between agricultural organizations from different countries can be beneficial for exchanging knowledge, technology, and expertise in the field of seed development and agriculture.

Hybrid seed development in Pakistan has a significant impact on food security by increasing crop productivity, resilience, and nutritional value. To ensure its effectiveness, there must be continued investment in research, infrastructure, and extension services to facilitate the adoption of hybrid seed technology by farmers across the country.