Pakistan and China to step up metal recycling cooperation

The global scrap metal recycling market is experiencing robust growth as industries increasingly adopt sustainable practices while meeting rising demands. The market’s upward trajectory is fueled by a combination of environmental consciousness, economic benefits, and expanding sectors reliant on scrap metals.

Earlier this month, Wen Yonghong, secretary-general of the Aluminum Working Committee of Trade and Economic Multifunctional Platform for SCO Countries, led the member companies of the organization to  the Hyderabad Industrial Zone in Pakistan for a field research.

“Hyderabad Industrial Zone has a mature metal-recycling industrial chain and excellent production equipment, which makes it a perfect partner for further China-Pakistan metal-recycling cooperation. We are willing to strengthen cooperation with Pakistan and develop the industry together,” said Wen Yonghong.

During the visit, the delegation visited metal-recycling-related factories in the industrial zone and had exchange with the Hyderabad Chamber of Commerce with a memorandum of cooperation signed. The two sides planned to conduct all-round cooperation in the recycling and remelting of scrap metal. Hyderabad Chamber of Commerce promised to give full support and assistance to the early completion of the project.