Pakistan, Sweden partner to enable safe restoration efforts

The Embassy of Sweden in Pakistan, in collaboration with Business Sweden – the Swedish Trade & Invest Council, hosted a report launch event titled “Rebuild for a Resilient Pakistan.”

The event aimed to raise awareness about the ongoing recovery efforts in Pakistan following the devastating floods in 2022 and emphasized the need for long-term, sustainable solutions.

The report highlighted the potential for cooperation between Team Sweden and Pakistan in various key areas, including capacity building, energy transition, community infrastructure, transport and housing, as well as hazard monitoring and prediction.

During the event, Ambassador of Sweden to Pakistan, Henrik Persson, expressed Sweden’s commitment to supporting the Pakistani people and government in their recovery process.

He emphasized the importance of rebuilding basic infrastructure and highlighted Sweden’s ability to provide significant sustainable solutions in various vital sectors.

Ambassador Persson also emphasized the willingness of the private sector to contribute and cooperate to create favorable conditions for growth and prosperity in Pakistan.

Emil Akander, Vice President of South and Southeast Asia at Business Sweden, emphasized Sweden’s expertise in innovation, sustainability, and co-creation, making it well-suited to support projects and programs for resilient recovery in Pakistan. He highlighted areas such as agriculture, energy, and disaster prevention technologies as key areas of focus for cooperation between Swedish and Pakistani companies.

The report showcased Swedish companies already operating in Pakistan, including Ericsson, Hitachi Energy, TalkPool, and Tetra Pak. These companies presented their ongoing projects and solutions being implemented in Pakistan, ranging from telecommunications to energy and sustainable packaging.

The Swedish-Pakistani Business Community has actively participated in relief efforts, focusing on initiatives related to water accessibility and employment opportunities. In addition to recovery projects, Swedish companies are also engaged in mega-projects aimed at ensuring a future-proof energy supply for Pakistan through innovative solutions.

The report launch event featured keynote speeches, interactive discussions, and valuable networking opportunities. It brought together government officials, dignitaries, business leaders, media representatives, and individuals from various sectors.

The event emphasized the shared vision of Sweden and Pakistan in creating a more resilient Pakistan for the future. It highlighted the potential for collaboration between Swedish and Pakistani companies, showcasing the skills, technologies, and willingness to address the challenges and opportunities in both countries.

Overall, the event and the “Rebuild for a Resilient Pakistan” report served as a platform to promote sustainable restoration efforts, raise awareness about the current situation in Pakistan, and foster a stronger partnership between Sweden and Pakistan for a better future.