Peoples Bus Service app to be launched tomorrow, says minister

Sindh Information, Transport and Mass Transit Minister Sharjeel Inam Memon has announced that the Peoples Bus Service smartphone app would be launched on June 22.

A top-level meeting of the transport department’s and the National Radio &Telecommunication Corporation’s officials was held in Karachi on Tuesday, with Memon in chair.

During the meeting a decision was made to operate the Peoples Bus Service through an intelligent transportation system (ITS) and integrate it with the online system.

A briefing was also provided regarding the Peoples Bus Service app’s features, which includes the people being able to easily track the location of the vehicles.

Passengers would also have access to online booking, route information, fare details and other essential information, while the app would allow users to submit complaints about the Peoples

Bus Service directly to the relevant authorities.

It was highlighted that the implementation of the ITS would facilitate the monitoring of vehicles. As part of the system, CCTV cameras would be installed in vehicles to enhance surveillance.

Moreover, vehicles would be equipped with audio systems, USB ports, Wi-Fi communication systems and driver alarms. These features are aimed at enhancing the overall travel experience of the passengers and ensuring their safety and convenience.

The meeting was told that 20 green buses would arrive in Pakistan by August 20 and they would be incorporated into the Peoples Bus Service. The meeting decided to conduct additional surveys specifically aimed at initiating the Peoples Bus Service on the Lyari Expressway.

Memon emphasised the need to prioritise and address the issue of electric bus chargers. He gave clear instructions to ensure prompt resolution of the problem related to electric bus chargers.

He expressed his commitment to provide the public with the best, comfortable and affordable bus service. He stressed that this objective is to be achieved under any circumstances, highlighting the importance of prioritising the needs and satisfaction of the public in the provision of bus services.

He also emphasised that the provincial government acknowledges the hardships faced by the people during their daily commute, and expressed his intention to alleviate these difficulties.

He said that the rural areas of Karachi, Hyderabad, Larkana, Sukkur and Mirpurkhas would be linked with the urban areas through the Peoples Bus Service.

He also mentioned that projects would be initiated to facilitate this connectivity and ensure that the residents of these rural areas have access to the bus service.

The meeting was attended by Transport Secretary Saleem Rajput, Sindh Mass Transit Authority Managing Director Kamal Dayo, Trans Karachi CEO Tufail Palijo, and the Peoples Bus Service’s Project Director Sohaib Ahmed and Operations Manager Abdul Shakoor Arain.