Sino-Pak dual diploma programme students take online exams from Chinese colleges

The groundbreaking Sino-Pak joint diploma programmes, a new milestone in China-Pakistan education sector collaboration, saw its students taking their first online exams from affiliated Chinese colleges on June 10.

Twenty-three students from the Govt. College of Technology, Printing and Graphic Arts, Lahore are pursuing a 3-year Sino-Pak dual diploma in Software Technology. They took their first-year annual exams from the Shenzhen Institute of IT. Simultaneously, 25 students from the Govt. College of Technology, Taxila, currently enrolled in a 3-year Diploma of Associate Engineering (DAE) in Advanced Construction Technology, had their first exams from Guangdong Construction Polytechnic Institute.

The historic online exams mark the completion of the first year of the 3-year programs, initiated in 2022 in partnership with TANG Int’l Education Group, Zalmi Foundation, TEVTA Punjab, and the Punjab Board of Technical Education. The Chinese colleges provided online instruction, with examinations being conducted through a patented Internet-based digital platform. Chinese teachers will oversee the grading process, which extends until June 20.

The program’s structure allows students to spend the initial two years at Pakistani colleges before completing a final year of study at the Chinese partner colleges, with the costs for tuition, books, accommodation, and food covered by the Chinese institutions in the third year.

Graduates of these programs will be equipped with modern education, globally-recognized higher diploma certificates, and an understanding of the Chinese language and culture, enhancing their employability, particularly among Chinese companies operating in Pakistan and the wider region.

The Sino-Pak joint education programmes currently operate across Pakistan with 21 partners, including TEVTA Punjab, TEVTA Sindh, the University of Agriculture, Faisalabad, and the Karakuram International University, Gilgit.