Pakistan and China to enhance cooperation in education, technology

Pakistan and China agreed to enhance cooperation in education and technology.  Caretaker Minister for Education and Professional Training, Madad Ali Sindhi held a meeting with a high-level Chinese delegation led by Deputy Party Secretary, Deputy Political Comissar of Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps Liu Jianming in his office to discuss collaboration.

During the meeting, the minister stressed the need to enhance Pak-China bilateral exchanges in education and technology. He warmly welcomed the delegation and said that he has prioritized the quality of education and reduction of out-of-school children.

Sindhi contended that there should be collaborations between the universities of China and Pakistan to enhance and broaden the scope of research on diverse and intricate topics and areas of study.

He said that there were over 30,000 Pakistani students studying in China and there was still room for further cooperation to increase the bilateral overseas students offshore. “It is high time to accelerate bilateral exchanges and take full advantage of learning from each other,” the minister added.

Sindhi directed the heads of HEC and NAVTTC to fully cooperate with Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps (XPCC). “Modernization and technical education is imperative to solve the problems of today and tomorrow,” he remarked, adding “in continuation of my visit to China, we heartily welcome the follow-up visit by the Chinese delegation of Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps.”

Sindhi said the remains of the civilizations of Mohenjo daro and Taxila’s Ghandhara reflected the Buddhist exchange between the two oldest civilizations of the world.

He extended the invitation to the delegation to visit the historic sites of the country. He also announced that a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) would be signed to practically execute plans of cooperation.

“We have an extensive agricultural potential and through Chinese support we can take full advantage of the natural resources present in our country,” he underlined.

On this occasion, Liu Jianming said China was ready to enhance cooperation in modernization of the Pakistani Agriculture and Technical Education.

He emphasized that there are two universities and 10 vocational institutions working under his organization’s ambit whereas Liu wished to take cooperation further.

He said that there are already 1,800 Pakistani students studying in these institutes in the fields of agriculture, medicine and animal husbandry. Similarly, he stressed the need to exchange expertise, especially with respect to the training of teachers. Liu and the education minister agreed to start an exchange program for the training of faculty at the university level.