Pakistan beats Kuwait to reach semifinal of Asian Games squash tournament

Pakistan’s squash team secured their place in the semifinal of the Hangzhou Asian Games squash tournament with a thrilling win over Kuwait. The intense battle took place at the prestigious Hangzhou Olympic Sports Center, leaving spectators on the edge of their seats.

Pakistani players, Asim Khan, Noor Zaman and Nasir Iqbal showcased their exceptional skills and determination throughout the match, exhibiting their dominance on the squash court.

“Squash is so popular in Pakistan that everyone in my family, from my elders to my wife to my children, plays squash. Pakistan Squash’s strength lies in the passion and dedication of its players. We are looking forward to a great performance in the following semi-final,” said Noor Zaman after beating their Kuwait counterpart.

Pakistan Olympic Association President Syed Arif Hasan, Secretary General Khalid Mahmood and Treasurer Muhammad Shafiq witnessed the important match and supported the Pakistan players.

Syed Arif Hasan expressed his delight over the performance of the team. He praised the efforts of each player and credited their success to months of rigorous training and preparation. He also acknowledged the tough competition from the Kuwaiti team, highlighting their skill and sportsmanship.

The victory over Kuwait marked a major milestone for Pakistan in the Asian Games squash tournament. Pakistan had earlier beaten Qatar, Singapore, Nepal and India in the squash group stage.

The Asian Games Hangzhou has been a platform for teams from all across the continent to showcase their talents and compete at the highest level. Pakistan grabbed a bronze at the 2018 Jakarta Asian Games. Its squash team’s exceptional performance not only earned them a place in the semifinal, but cemented their reputation as a force to be reckoned with in the squash world.