Pakistani students introducing KP culture on Chinese wedding

Two Pakistani students from Xian University of Architecture and Technology recently took part in a wedding ceremony in Baoji city, located in China’s Shaanxi province. Hailing from the Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa (KP) province, these students not only had the chance to witness Chinese cultural activities but actively participated in them.

They also had an opportunity to showcase Pashtun culture, including music, traditional attire, dances, and wedding rituals to their Chinese hosts.

Qazi Fida, a PhD scholar in Management Sciences and Engineering, and his university mate, Abdul Rehman, were invited to the wedding by their Chinese friend, BoBo.

The students were deeply impressed by the warm hospitality of their Chinese hosts and were fascinated to discover the similarities in wedding customs between the two nations. Qazi shared with Gwadarpro, “We participated in all the customs and rituals, and our hosts even joined us in traditional Pashtun dances, music, and songs on the stage.” He further added that the hosts expressed immense joy at their presence, and the students thoroughly enjoyed the occasion.

The groom’s mother became emotional when bidding them farewell and insisted that they were now considered part of their family, welcome to visit them at any time. Qazi expressed that while Pashtuns in Pakistan are known for their hospitality, their Chinese hosts were equally exceptional in this aspect.